Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dec 2010... where I am at this moment.

I can't believe it as we reach the end of 2010. The year passed by so fast. I hardly even realized time had moved by so swiftly.

I have a very engaging job with TNT Express. It's all about targets, dates, meetings and reports. Really keeps you busy that you hardly remmember the time spent in the office. Before you know it, it's 5 pm and it's almost time to head back. :)

Whatever it is, it is indeed a blessing I got this job and that work is alright. Which job does not have it's fair share of trials and tribulations???

December to me is a time to crack my head thinking of what presents to get. I have finally gotten presents for my relatives and close friends. But for my immediate family that matter the most, it will be a very difficult. You really do not want to disappoint them and you wanna get something that is worth it considering how close you are and how often you see each other in the year. I guess I get too analytical because I live with them and know what interest and dislikes them.

Christmas 2010 will be in Subang Jaya at my brothers new home in Subang SS14. It will be a stones throw away from where my aunty Connie used to stay (partly growing half the time), SS18. I as you may know am not a big fan of leaving my dear Penang what more during the Christmas season. However, with the exception of this family event, it will be a must for me. Honestly, once I have my own family, things will be different. Deffinitely wish to celebrate this important part of the Christian calendar in my own hometown.

This round of Christmas, it will be quite special as my sister will bring down her boyfriend from the land down under. My task is to fetch them from LCCT, Sepang on 24th Dec. Wish them all the best with God's grace.

Most likely as my dad would prefer, we will attend Christmas Eve mass at Assumption Church, Jalan Templer. From the agenda, Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin's house in Taman Tun, Christmas lunch at my brother's house and dinner... TBA. Haha!

In Penang on the other hand this December 2010, I have taken up the tedious task of organizing the carolling for the Eurasian Youth. Things are not going smoothly due to lack of workforce, demand for the carollers and time(pretty last minute like 1 and half months before). I know people who booked their carollers months in advanced and they would be our competitors. Oh well, confirmed were booked for Senior Citizens and Kids Christmas party held on the 11th and 18th Dec respectively.

I do hope to do a small Christmas gathering at my house on 17 Dec 2010. That is the only time I am free and my parents would have left for KL already. :) Time to party! Haha! I really don't feel like cooking due to time crunch and practicality so will just order KFC and Dominos pizza. Just a very simple celebration has long the thought counts. Pls do not treat this as an invitation, thank you! :D

I would say, I spent much less time blogging in 2010 than before. I dunno why? Busy I guess. But I do hope to blog more in 2011 as I find it fun and an avenue to voice my thoughts. Really brings out my creative side that has been kept idle. :)

I am disappointed that time management this year was not my focus. I shall make that my resolution for 2011 then. There must be a balance between work and play.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!